Bureau TAU the Program

In all the playshops we will play with the basic principles of these thousands of years old TAOÏSTIC (Chinese) living and moving arts. It’s all about the integration of posture, attitude, movement, breath, awareness and consciousness.
TAOÏSM might well be the oldest continuous cosmology of the world! It developed numerous methods of breath control, relaxation, grounding and concentration.
Understanding your own body (micro-cosmos), so neglected in Western Philosophy, is essential in TAOÏSM for understanding the culture (social body) and the world (cosmic body).
In the lessons we wil not learn in the old mechanical way!!
The focus is more on TAO-learning and unlearning, which allows a process of spontaneous re-discovering of your intuitive mode of being.
This will invite, within you, an inner process of creative images and movements.
Central in these movements are: expression, creativity and being in the ‘HERE and NOW’
As in all TAOÏSTIC traditions, playfulness and wisdom are the core and key factors in the dancing with Yin & Yang!
The TAI CHI TAO, TAO QIGONG, PoëChi, TAO YOGA & TAO MEDITATION are ideal tools to re-discover and cultivate the Chi-power in ourselves!
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